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Ellipsia in few words

Founded in 2021, Ellipsia is a consulting firm whose vocation is to help its clients master their projects for changing collaboration methods and information systems in connection with the challenges of digital transformation and the transition to the cloud.

Ellipsia positions itself as a hybrid firm both thanks to an approach combining technical and business skills but also by federating a community bringing together its consultants, partners and clients in order to better respond to the challenges of digital transformation.

Thus, choosing Ellipsia means:

  • Join a community of pioneering partners on the challenges of digital business transformation,
  • Benefit from quality support and advice, pragmatic and accessible to as many people as possible,
  • Become a player in the reflection on the challenges and the evolution of companies in connection with digital transformation.


Thanks to its pragmatic vision of consulting and its methodologies, Ellipsia supports you on your projects to:





Unified workplace

Define and implement a unified ecosystem of solutions to support new business uses

What new efficient ways of working to offer employees? How to boost collaboration with digital tools? What catalog of relevant terminal services should be offered to employees?

New ways of working

Support businesses in adopting new ways of working to gain resilience and/or efficiency

How to support the hybridization of the workplace? How to equip the premises so that they become spaces dedicated to collaboration? How to strengthen the feeling of belonging?

IT merger & acquisition

Structuring an approach and supporting companies in consolidations and disposals of IT services

How to organize projects taking into account legal and confidentiality constraints? How to define a common technological roadmap? What synergies to deliver? How to prepare for Day 1?

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